The VIV Asia Forum was successfully concluded in Bangkok, Thailand. On behalf of the VIV Asia Team, Yohann, an expert in business development and mycotoxin control in wisium Asia, made a special presentation at the VIV Forum. The impact of mycotoxin on Asian animal husbandry in recent years was analyzed, and the research progress of mycotoxin, aflatoxin wisium duck, was shown to international visitors. Adsorption principle and efficiency in the model. Wisium has been a leader in mycotoxin research.

T5X is a mycotoxin solution that combines prevention and control. It includes fast on-site detection services, efficient de-mildew products and expert on-site visits. To solve mycotoxin, T5X has three main functions.

Firstly, it has strong adsorption capacity. The results of in vitro and in vivo adsorption experiments by wisium R&D Center show that T5X has strong adsorption capacity for aflatoxin both in vivo and in vitro.

The second feature is that by stimulating the liver to secrete cytochrome P450 enzymes, mycotoxins such as vomitin and zearalenone are decomposed in vivo rather than simply adsorbed, thus greatly reducing the effects of vomitin and zearalenone on animals.

Thirdly, high isolation of beta-glucan was added to stimulate the immunity of animals and reduce the effect of mycotoxin on animals in an all-round way.

In addition, T5X mycotoxin solution also includes providing customers with mycotoxin field rapid detection equipment, Accuscan gold mycotoxin detector, which can more easily and quickly understand the contamination of raw materials, thus more targeted control of mycotoxin.