Following the footsteps of Asian VIV exhibition, Yohann, a mycotoxin prevention and control expert from wisium Asia-Pacific Headquarters, came to China, visited large and small enterprises and aquaculture farms, and trained some distributors.

Yohann said frankly that the Chinese market has great potential, many enterprises and farms are equipped with very professional equipment, which is very good, many equipment is even more advanced than I have seen in Europe. But it has to be said that if Chinese farmers can learn more about breeding, nutrition or equipment use in depth and detail, I believe that China’s production performance will be further improved.

T5X Mycotoxin Solution + NUCL Hand-held Detection Device enables farm technicians to monitor the contamination level of mycotoxin in raw materials in real time, accurately add demolding agent products, and firmly grasp the risk of mycotoxin contamination in mobile phones.

“China needs not only good products of mildew remover, but also the control of mycotoxin at the front end. This is where Weizemu can do its best to control the level of mycotoxins on farms. We have experience and confidence in providing maximum help to our partners, breeders or feed companies. Yohann said so.