It has been more than four months since the feed was banned. With the coming of winter, can piglets survive the cold winter? Can the growth performance of pigs remain unchanged? Can farms get good returns? … these are the primary challenges for farms.

In the new era, good feed should not only have strict raw material purchasing standards, balanced nutrition, excellent technology and strict quality control process, but also achieve good feeding effect. Feed enterprises should customize all-round solutions according to the characteristics and needs of farms, so as to scientifically and effectively meet the challenges.

China feed industry website held a webinar with the theme of “achieving good breeding effect with products and services”. On November 6, Dr. Li, the technical director of Wisium China, was invited to participate in the webinar, which focused on “Wisium wean up piglet innovative feeding mode and product development”.

In view of the biological characteristics of piglets, such as weak physique, unsound development, environmental sensitivity, poor adaptability and weak resistance to diseases, Dr. Li stressed that the feeding management after weaning is the most challenging. It is particularly important to select the appropriate feeding mode and ensure the nutrition supply. We should not only comply with its biological characteristics, but also take into account the influence of environmental and feeding factors.In this regard, Wisium launched the weanup piglet innovative feeding mode solution.


Maximize product functionality

-Integrating the company’s advanced technology, experience, products and services;

-A model of localized application of global solutions;

-It has experienced the European strict AGP-free practice test;

-Decades of application experience accumulated in different regions and countries;

-Customized for domestic breeding practice and customer demand.


Solve practical production problems

When selecting the feed, we need to noted that:

Feed quality: freshness, palatability, meeting physiological and nutritional needs;

Application effect: high survival rate, good health and immune function, high feed intake and digestibility, ideal growth rate.

From birth to the age of 70 days, Wean up series has launched 10 products, integrating advanced technical achievements, processing technology and localized application, to meet the growth challenges of piglets and ensure the return on investment of piglets’ lifetime performance.