The market is in constant evolution, becoming more and more challenging every day.

With population growth, demand is increasing.

You, integrators – feed millers – home mixers – specialized distributors must focus on:

That means enhancing your performance: quality, productivity and profitability,

Strengthening your business and securing processes & products

Anticipating new consumer demands and investing in future businesses & continuously creating new differentiating solutions.

You do not always have the time, resources or internal expertise to organize the continuous improvement of your business or to find new ways to develop.

Our team members bring passion & expertise to help you to create value at any stage of your business life cycle. According to your challenges, we provide solutions:

  • To OPTIMIZE your profitability and improve economic & technical performances.
    We optimize Feed Conversion Ratio, Average Daily Gain, Eggshell quality…
  • To SECURE your products & processes & to CONSOLIDATE business.
    We secure Raw materials sourcing, Mycotoxins / Salmonella contamination, Feed granulometry quality…
  • To BUILD new offers to find new solutions to differentiate and innovate.


Our clients have different stories & needs. Each customer is therefore unique. Our technical, industrial and commercial agility allows us to offer each customer exclusive and therefore more efficient solutions.


Define the project

Do you want to enhance your product’s performance?

Improve quality, productivity and profitabillity?


Exchange ideas about the project

We will study your project with you from start to end and involve all our best experts.


Provide adapted tailor made solutions

We design an appropriate solution for your project, your environment and your resources.