summer is coming. It is difficult for animals to spend the summer.

Taking advantage of global R&D advantages, WISIUM specially proposed a series of anti-heat stress programs for different animal species, which were broadcast online on May 9!

The anti-heat stress freshup program solves the problem of heat stress from three aspects: protecting the gastrointestinal health of animals, enhancing immunity and improving production performance.

Let’s review the key points.

Q:How does Fresh Up relieve heat stress for poulrty?

1.Intestinal health management The addition of plant extracts can not only increase the intestinal mucosal tight junction, reduce the intestinal permeability, reduce the incidence of intestinal inflammation, but also improve the food intake of animals.

2. Maintain osmotic pressure balance Add betaine to maintain osmotic pressure and water balance of the body and improve production performance.

3. Regulate hormone secretion Supplement vitamin C to regulate the secretion of corticosterone and enhance the body’s immunity.

4. Adjust blood pH Supplement baking soda to restore blood pH, alleviate heat stress reaction and improve eggshell quality.

5. Improve feed utilization Add selected phytase, improve feed utilization, alleviate the decline of production performance caused by heat stress, and improve eggshell strength.

Q:How does Fresh Up relieve heat stress for swine?

1. Promote digestion and absorption Improve digestive enzyme secretion and enzyme activity; Maintain tight connection and improve intestinal integrity; Enhance the structure of mucous layer and protect intestinal epithelial cells; Improve the intestinal structure, increase intestinal secretions, and promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

2. Improve immune function Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation; Improve the permeability and integrity of the intestinal tract, and restore the body’s immunity.

3. Alleviate metabolic acidosis Control the concentration of bicarbonate (hco3-) entering the blood, and then control the blood acid-base balance.

4. Increase feed intake Using special additives to improve feed palatability and feed intake.

Q:How does Fresh Up relieve heat stress for ruminant?

1. The addition of plant extracts Can promote the action of cellulose decomposing bacteria, improve the utilization of dietary protein and energy, improve the way of eating and drinking water, and reduce heat stress in summer.

2. Add the group’s selected yeast whole cell Combined with harmful intestinal bacteria to enhance immune function and intestinal health.

3. Add beneficial microorganisms Improve the enzyme activity of microbiota, enhance the activity of fiber decomposing bacteria, improve fiber digestibility, improve starch digestibility, and provide energy for maintaining milk production.

Wisium, as a leading player in the industry, will continue to maintain our enthusiasm, spare no effort to contribute to the industry and provide more dimensional support for our partners!