In July, the hot whether can’t resist the enthusiasm of Wisium China to serve our customers. Mr. Fabien, the global technical director of Wisium, came to China once again and started the new quarter of customer visits and technical services.

Within one week, Fabien visited several farms and had a detailed communication and exchange with customers on the issues of biosecurity prevention and control, pig farm design, batch management and so on. Especially in the aspects of sows, piglets’ nutritional needs, nutritional regulation and feeding procedures, Fabien combined with the advanced feeding concept in Europe and gave unique insights and feasible suggestions with strong operability, which has aroused great concern and interest of customers.

Three main reasons for sow constipation

· Lack of drinking water is a problem of pig farm management. Check the water flow speed of the sow’s water dispenser or the water level in the tank to ensure that the sow has sufficient and clean drinking water.

· The problem of low fiber content in feed can be solved by adding high fiber pregnant sow feed with special fiber raw materials.

· Low feed intake of sows may have several aspects, but it can also be solved through the special feeding procedure and formula adjustment of Wisium / OWS.

Nutrition of sow milk

After detailed understanding and communication, and combined with the on-site video and pictures in the pigsty, Fabien judged that it may be caused by the lack of milk nutrition of sows and the incomplete cleaning of the delivery room.

On the management of delivery room, the expert also gives his own suggestions and detailed practices. With regard to the nutrition of sow milk, Wisium can provide a series of solutions including premix and additives.

This customer visit and technical service process have been highly recognized and highly praised by our customers. Wisium China will continue to work with global experts to help you be one step ahead.