Why joining Wisium?

  • Diversity. People are the core of our business and the company is committing to diversity that promotes productivity, creativity, and satisfaction among employees.
  • Values: The company has identified five key values that constitute the company’s DNA and back up our approach to business: Humanism, Commitment, Innovation, Team Spirit and Enthusiasm.
  • Cultivate talent is our Job. By joining Wisium, you will work with the talented team worldwide and you will be able to develop your own talents and exchange knowledge on an everyday basis. You are encouraged to use your creativity and passion. We would like to invite you to build a rewarding career together! The group is always looking for fresh graduates and signed agreements and partnerships with 15 schools and universities worldwide.

By joining us, you will enjoy the below benefits : 

  • A competitive salary package;
  • Continuous  opportunities for internal and external training;
  • National holidays and Annual holidays;
  • Housing fund and insurance, physical check-up and other welfare;
  • The foreign business atmosphere and a great opportunity to practice your professional English level!

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