Oct 17-19,2021 The 5th Sow Nutrition Conference Chongqing Jinling Restaurant

The conference continued to focus on the theme of “paying attention to sow health and focusing on technological innovation”, including the contents of comprehensive management related to sow production, “non-antibiotics, sow nutrition, feeding management and cost control”, and held a product innovation forum with the theme of “new thinking, new mode and new vision” at the same time.

Dr. Li, the technical director of ADM animal nutrition China, will share on the stage and look forward to join us.

2021年10月20-22日 第十届李曼中国养猪大会/2021世界猪业博览会 重庆国际博览中心

The 10th Leman China Swine Conference will continue to invite authoritative pig experts from the United States, China and Europe to give lectures, bring scientific solutions to the pig industry, and share biosafety, disease prevention and control, diagnosis and detection, pig farm rehabilitation, pig farm construction, pig breeding and production management technology and application, pig nutrition and feed production. The latest international information and research results in the fields of pig market and economic analysis. It is expected that more than 10000 delegates will attend the conference, becoming the first 10000 people conference in the animal husbandry industry.

Welcome to Wisium booth. We are waiting for you in booth 9063 9065, central hall.

2021 Leman Conference
Wisium booth: 9063 9065, central hall .