The Wisium network of experts has a comprehensive multi-approach to the ruminant nutrition. We can customize our solutions to meet ruminant farmers’ beef and milk production steps from the animal growth stage to the slaughterhouse or milk production.

multi-approach solution to ruminant farming

Our strong expertise coupled with our strong relationship in ruminant production (dairies, genetics & slaughterhouses) enable us to provide ruminant farmers with top-notch milk and meat production services.

We specialize in the first weeks of the ruminant rearing life by having a close look at the weaning age, age at parturition, Average Daily Gain, chest circumference, number of meals per day and body condition.

A ruminant farming solution focusing on digital apps

As milk production partners, we focus on three important things:

  • Production data (lactation curve, etc.),
  • Quality data (fat and protein percentage, somatic cells count, etc.)
  • herd management (body condition, replacement rate, culling rate, reproduction management and performance)

Regarding the meat production and quality, we are able to provide you with decision-making tools that can track performance data (feed conversion ratio, average daily gain, carcass yield, etc)

Wisium experts are providing you with a customized support on every stage of your ruminant production system to support your milk or meat production at its optimal performance.

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