The Wisium network of experts has a comprehensive multi-approach to the swine farming nutrition. We can customize our solutions to meet swine farmers’ production steps from the piglet growth stage to the slaughterhouse.

A multi-approach solution to swine farming

We specialize on the first weeks of the piglet life with growth-focused feed to sustain swine early performances. We emphasize our swine solutions through the breeding and fattening stages.

For the breeding stage, we are focusing on fertility, prolificity, milk production and gut health in both piglets and sow.

Regarding the animal rearing, we have solutions for weaning, age at partition and can help you monitor the piglet performance by assessing: average daily grain, chest circumference, number of meals per day or the body condition.

For the fattening stage, we are monitoring feed intake development, swine growth, feed conversion ratio, and meat quality.

Wisium experts are providing you with a customized support on every stage of your production system, whether it be technical services, quality plan services, regulatory topics, animal nutrition or performance monitoring on the field.

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