The Wisium network of experts has a comprehensive multi-approach to the petfood nutrition. We can customize our solutions to meet petfood manufacturers’ requirements and objectives.

A multi-approach solution to petfood manufacturing

We specialize on developing functional benefits that match the pet animal physiological stage and breed.

We can dig deeper into a specific solution whether the petfood criteria revolves around digestion, cognation, animal immunity, reproduction, vision, mobility, hair ball, beauty, oral care or any other element you would like to work on.

We put the focus on the palatability and digestibility of every ingredient to increase the feed performance and animal performance. We are thus paying a strict attention to the raw materials selection, use and quality. We provide you with best-in class raw materials and feed analysis to support your nutritional performance.

Petfood manufacturing performance comes in pair with an industrial process performance. That’s why we are focusing on petfood manufacturers’ industrial needs: grinding, sieving, drying coating, etc.

Wisium experts are providing you with a customized support on every stage of your production system, whether it be technical services, quality plan services or regulatory topics.

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