A local premix brand for premix distributors

With its global R & D capabilities, its high standard premix manufacturing facilities and its extensive laboratory testing capabilities, Ouweisu provides our distribution network with a series of high quality and high performing premixes, covering most of the Chinese provinces, in order to reach the majority of farmers with our expertise and high value-added services.

The Ouweisu brand authorized dealership acts as a strong partner for distributors committed to provide the best premixes to farmers.

What are the advantages of being a premix distributor?

  • High and reliable quality control of products batches
  • Advanced pasture management skills to help your customers improve their competitiveness
  • Strict raw material supplier audit process
  • Laboratory testing technology to ensure safe and efficient products
  • Professional Brand use of Ouweisu and its tools to increase brand awareness
  • Strong backup support through seminars, workshops, lab visits

Wisium experts are providing you with a customized support on every stage of your production system, whether it be technical services, quality plan services,  regulatory topics, animal nutrition or feed laboratory training.

Are you a premix distributor looking to market our premixes? Contact us at www.ouweisu.com or follow us on Ouweisu WeChat:

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