On Dec. 11, Wisium launched two small round tables on protein substitution schemes and near infrared detection technology, and Julien GUILLORY, a near infrared expert of Wisium Group, and Nicolas MALANDAIN, a formula expert, gave relevant knowledge explanations to technical managers, formulators and laboratory managers from feed companies in Shandong, Henan and Shanxi provinces. And skills application training.

At the beginning of the morning, Julien explained the principle of near infrared technology, its application in quality control and formulation, and the development trend of near infrared equipment from shallow to deep.

Julien also pointed out that although near infrared has many advantages, its accuracy is based on the accuracy of wet chemical methods. Therefore, laboratories need to pay attention to wet chemistry testing and constantly correct the near infrared database. After the meeting, we visited Wisium Laboratory together and further communicated with Manager Wang of the Laboratory.

In the afternoon, Nicolas MALANDAIN, a formula expert from Wisium Headquarters, explained the alternative of protein raw materials. He made a detailed analysis and summary of the current popular protein raw materials on the market. “Soybean meal substitution is not a simple nutritional value substitution, but also needs to consider factors such as mycotoxin risk, anti-nutritional factors, nutritional value stability and price, requiring the formulator to have a certain understanding of raw materials and rich formula experience. France could make soybean meal without adding soybean meal 20 years ago, but there is a big difference between the raw materials market in China and France. High quality miscellaneous meal such as sunflower meal is difficult to purchase. The promotion of double low rapeseed does not lead to more anti nutritional factors in rapeseed meal. Therefore, it is very difficult for Chinese feed farmers or feed mills to purchase high-quality grains.

At present, it is difficult for China to completely eliminate soybean meal in feed. But through the optimization of Wisium feed nutrition, it can replace the use of some soybean meal, and Wisium has been promoting the nutritional concept of low protein nutrition. By introducing amino acid balanced nutrition system and digestible protein, on the basis of reducing the crude protein content of feed, it can also ensure the production capacity of animals.

Wisium has accumulated more than 60 years of knowledge and practical experience in animal nutrition. This small round table meeting aimed at specific subjects was opened in China to promote advanced technology ideas to the domestic market faster, and to share the achievements of industry progress with more industry peers with technical needs but no access.

Thank you for the snowfall. Wisium helps you become a leader in the industry. I wish you a step ahead!