At present, low protein and high amino acid diet is widely popular in the market. However, why use low protein diet? As a hard-working pig farmer, how to choose a cost-effective fattening pig feed?

Why does the government advocate low protein diet?

Please look at the figure below. More than 80% of soybeans need to be imported. The price of soybeans has risen in the past 1-2 years. Therefore, the State advocates low protein diet, reduces the use of protein raw materials, or uses soybeans instead of raw materials. However, low protein diet has higher requirements for amino acids. In order not to affect the speed of animal production, it is necessary to add high content of amino acids to the diet.

Ouweisu Product launched New products

Relying on the animal nutrition research accumulation and formula technology of the headquarters for more than 60 years, ouweisu has newly launched 8% fortified medium and large pig premix 2828 and 2.5% fattening premix 2832s, making full use of the advantages of nutrition research and development,and applying the low protein and high amino acid diet technology to new products to help farmers reduce costs without reducing efficiency