In order to further improve the product series and meet the needs of different farms, Wisium distribution premix business line has successively launched three new products – swine 8% high-end premix, the first choice for high-production swine farms; 5% laying period premix, making the intestines healthier and the laying hens more productive; 5% meat sheep premix in the later stage, to prevent urinary calculi and help gain weight.

Swine 8% high-end premix

High content of vitamins and trace elements, and strengthen the addition of vitamins and trace elements according to the nutritional needs of sows;

Efficient use of raw materials, improve digestion and absorption rate and feed intake, and protect intestinal health;

Precision nutrition system and the most advanced energy evaluation system evaluate the concept of energy, high amino acid and low protein, improve the health status of sows and piglets and prolong the service life of sows.

European mature raw material substitution scheme, accurate raw material substitution.

1085s+ for in laying period

Better intestinal health, adding high-efficiency probiotics

Prolong the peak of egg laying, better intestinal health and improve the absorption and utilization of nutrients

Better egg performance, strengthen the addition of methionine, add new phosphate and phytase independently selected by the group

5% meat sheep premix for late stage

Anion salt regulation technology can effectively prevent urinary calculi

Improve the fattening and weight gain effect of mutton sheep in the later stage

The addition of vitamins can effectively prevent the occurrence of urinary calculi and improve the immunity of mutton sheep in the later stage.

Ouweisu adopts high-quality raw materials, efficient additive combination and strong technical advantages, so as to effectively improve the profitability of the pig farm and let you win the future.