Organic acids are natural preservatives adapted to nutrition and act naturally on intestinal health by encouraging positive flora. Backed by our specialists’ know-how ACIDULIK optimally benefits from the potential of organic acids. In order to guarantee optimum efficiency, ACIDULIK comprises a wide range of solutions and a customized support, each of which fulfills a specific need.

ACIDULIK targets 3 objectives:

#1 Ensuring quality of the raw materials, feeds and drinking water

#2 Safeguarding the food chain

#3 Improving intestinal well-being

ACIDULIK consists of 4 ranges:

  • ACIDU’FIT, the daily bodyguard

A set of solutions formulated to help maintain the animals’ digestive flora balance. ACIDU’FIT is used in water or feed to create conditions unfavorable to multiplication of the bacteria that cause digestive disorders.

  • ACIDU’MYC, the terror of moulds

A range of moulds inhibitors to prevent development of moulds in order to preserve the quality of feeds and raw materials. Its specific technology guarantees long-term efficacy and minimizes the corrosion risk to the metallic equipment and users.

  • ACIDU’MID, the protector of wet feed

A range of solutions ensuring the quality of liquid or wet feeds (co-products, liquid feeds, total mixed rations…). It controls proliferation of the microorganisms that cause deterioration of the foodstuffs. It thus preserves the palatability and nutritional values of feed and above all feed safety.

  • ACIDU’KILL, the serial killer of Salmonella

A range of anti-Salmonella agents that safeguards all stages of the food chain. It decontaminates the raw materials and the feed manufacturing process. It avoids recontamination of feed.

Acidulick, the organic acids are currently in development phase in China market, please Contact us for more information.

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