On March 7, Wisium held the second round table. Dr. Renaud Le Bouquin, Director of the Asia-Pacific Laboratory Center of Wisium, gave a systematic explanation and demonstration on laboratory quality control and laboratory capability verification. The meeting attracted the heads of laboratories of feed factories and large-scale feed group enterprises from all over the world.


Dr. Renaud first introduced the differences between laboratory quality management systems in China and Europe, then focused on some key points in laboratory quality control, and how to improve laboratory quality control and testing level through laboratory proficiency verification. Participants actively participated in the whole process and consulted the doctor on specific problems in their laboratories.

In the afternoon, you visited the Wisium Qingdao Laboratory and exchanged with the leaders of the laboratory’s testing projects.
Improving the level of laboratory testing can help feed companies improve their ability to develop formulations and quality control of products. The quality control of laboratory has a great influence on the level of laboratory detection. The quality control methods of laboratories are related to the specific conditions of each laboratory, and can not be compared with each other. Wisium can provide customized solutions to improve the level of laboratory testing according to the specific conditions and needs of feed factory laboratories.