Formulation support and nutrition training are some services we can provide for the farmers. To enhance best production performance & optimize economic return on investment, Wisium provides additional technical support and our experts bring their high-quality expertise to monitor farmers’ performance.

We identify any husbandry issues

Wisium experts first conduct an analysis of the target market, focusing on issues such as maturity, genetics, price and average performance. They also carry out on-site visits to identify any problematics (buildings, environmental conditions, ventilation, equipment etc.) and related risks.

Any problems are identified, taking account of market requirements, using special analysis tools which comprise performance indicators and quality criteria.

We define areas of improvement

According to your needs, your farm environment but also the market conditions we determine areas for improvement in nutritional and farm management.

We monitor the production performance

Performance is monitored using special analysis tools which incorporate a number of performance indicators and quality criteria. It is essential to regularly monitor your farm performance and to take into account the markets needs evolution.

We provide technical husbandry support

Wisium experts provide a technical support on farm with general issues as well as very specific problems, based on the pre-defined areas for improvement. An action plan is put in place over a particular period in order to achieve the desired targets.

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