A rigorous consulting on contaminants

The quality of the raw materials are directly impacting the quality of feed products, so identifying and assessing the feed ingredients and contaminants is a particularly important process.

Our high-quality service, professional technical support and superior products reduce the risk of feed contamination for our customers and improve animal health and performance.

Some of the feed ingredients evaluations implemented:

  • Adulteration of raw materials: Crude protein, Amino acid detection, Non-protein nitrogen
  • Anti-nutritional factor determination: Potassium hydroxide solubility, Urease activity, Tannin, Isothiocyanate, Gossypol
  • Mycotoxin determination: Aflatoxins, Zearalenone, Vomitoxin, Ochratoxin
  • Heavy metal determination: Lead, cadmium, arsenic, HG, chromium, fluorine

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