A comprehensive least-cost optimization strategy based on feed producers

The feed production requires the implementation of the formulation process to design products that meets the animal needs in different market situations.

At the same time, formulation plays also a very important role in the cost optimization which determinates directly the profitability of feed producers.

As your partner, Wisium experts offer you a dedicated formulation support. Thanks to our 60 years experience in animal nutrition and international presence, we are capable to provide you a customized cost optimization formula which adapts your local conditions.

A cost optimization strategy based on animal needs

As your partner, we work closely with you to define the animal needs through some common nutrients and some specific nutrients developed by Wisium R&D and nutrition experts. This definition will adapt perfectly your local production performances and your products position.

As a global nutrition expert, Wisium helps you to know better your raw materials: their nutritional characteristics, their quality and their inclusion rates.

Our formulation experts are on your side to define the most adapted formulation by taking into account the animal needs, your technology process, your quality constraints, your market needs, your raw materials availabilities, and your commercial position.

Wisium offers you also a tailor-made formulation training, including formulation software training, formulation operation training and formulation management training, in order to improve your formulation technicity and cost optimization ability.

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