The feed production requires the implementation of specific industrial process. In order to reach your productivity, quality and economic objectives, Wisium experts offer you a dedicated industrial support. A good operational performance entails an optimal management of quality and industrial tools. Our international industrial expertise (19 premix plants through the world) allows us to provide you an industrial support customized to your local needs.

We assess the quality of your raw materials and end products, ensure product trace-ability and help you to obtain approval and certifications:

  • Our industrial and formulation experts work together in order to assess and improve your quality control, including the implementation of a quality analysis plan for raw materials and end products, an interpretation of analysis results and the validation of manufacturing processes.
  • As your nutritional but also industrial partner we help you to apply for and obtain certification (HACCP, ISO 9001 etc.).
  • If you manufacture and distribute medicated feed, Wisium experts establish and monitor compliance with specific regulations in order to help bring the site up to standard.
  • We assist you with the technical validation of your manufacturing processes and in managing the trace-ability of raw materials and end products.

We assess and improve operational performance of your production tools:

  • Improving the performance of operating processes is a key factor to reduce costs and increase quality. Wisium experts help you to optimize the technical performance of your plant: energy efficiency, shrinkage, optimizing manufacturing processes via an analysis of limiting factors.
  • Maintenance conditions can also be audited in order to identify any areas for improvement. Beyond simple advice, we help you implement action plans and train operators.

We advise you on the procurement of industrial machinery, in order to help you to do the right investment depending on your needs.

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