With our strong network of Wisium experts, we can provide you with quality control analyses of your raw materials and finished products.

We rely on a network of analysis with 20 laboratories around the world. On top of the CNAS – ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, our lab in China implements a comprehensive labs quality system, including the following procedures: quality control samples in each batch, regular proficiency  testing program, repeatability testing, blank analysis, intergroup comparisons. 

  • A wide range of analysis can be proposed to answer your needs:
  • Proximal analyses: cellulose, protein, fat, starch, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, digestibility
  • Detection of contaminants and undesirable substances: mycotoxins, heavy metals, anti nutritional factors
  • Complete amino acids profiling
  • Physical measures (density, granulometry, pH…)

Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive guided interpretation of the quality control analyses results. We will then setup a formulation action plan to optimize your feed composition and decrease production costs.  The objective is to help you clinch sourcing opportunities and optimize your feed performance over the long run.

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