Your feed performance is based on the quality of the raw materials and finished products. The near infrared technology (NIR) allows you to quickly have analysis results and first interpretations. Wisium provides a global approach in order to enhance the value of analysis results in your formulation.

Wisium NIR full package

  • Advices on your equipment purchase
  • Equipment installation monitoring
  • Customized and technical trainings to your team in your plant (NIR analysis methodology, procedures, results analysis…)
  • Provision of calibrations curves, depending on your needs: raw materials and/or finished products calibrations. We also ensure the development of new calibrations to follow the market demand.
  • Regular collect of samples in order to control and update your calibrations.
  • Calibrations curves updates
  • Hotline to clarify any doubts and small technical problems (support on the critical analysis of the results, equipment and statistics).

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