Under WISIUM master brand, three distinct go-to market channels are preserved in order to maximize our market coverage for distributors and key accounts.

Prior to this event, an ambitious one-year project ( aka “Eagle” project) had to be conducted involving workstreams topics such as development of specific graphic identities, full portfolio revision, new original formulation concepts, on-line communication campaigns, etc. Every little details had to be managed properly to guarantee a successful launching in Nanchang, where our team could display our full portfolio of products and services to the visitors and customers.

Focus1: Wisium brand launching

At the exhibition, we held the launch of Wisium premix brand in China. Mr. Cedric Van Den Bossche, general manager of ADM animal nutrition, was invited to deliver a speech at the press conference, and all premix management teams revealed the brand identity. The press conference attracted a large number of audience to stop to watch and actively participate in the interactive Q & A session.

Focus2: Media interviews

Cedric received several media interviewers in the booth. He emphasized that Wisium’s offering to feed millers, integrators, and home mixers is based on a strong partnership focusing on our clients’ farming and economic performances while improving farm sustainability.For any species, the Wisium experts deliver tailor made solutions, combining high end products and added value services.

Focus3: Attending the seminar on feed ingredients and animal nutrition& Senior management of the American Embassy visit the booth

ADM animal nutrition, as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, is committed to contributing to the sustainable development and food safety of the industry. Dr. Li Zhiwei, director of animal nutrition technology of ADM, attended the seminar on feed raw materials and animal nutrition. made a speech and presentation on the topic of utilization of unconventional feed raw materials, and received questions and consultation from the audience. Abby Richey, Minister agricultural counsellor of the U.S. Embassy in China, visited the Wisium booth.

Mr. Benjamin Fu, Consul General of the United States in Wuhan, visited the booth, and Mr. Zeng, general manager of Wisium’s key account business, introduced the company’s business and products.

About Wisium

Wisium provides high-quality premix, minerals, animal feed, nutritional products, organic acids and mold adsorbents, covering a variety of animal species such as poultry, pigs, ruminants, aquatic products and pets; And provide high value-added company service support, such as: nutrition professional skills support, laboratory support, production technology support, decision-making tools, formula, quality control and training.

Wisium has six factory bases in China, which are located in Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Zhangzhou and Xiangtan. Factory to establish high-quality material sources, rigorous product design and development, fine product production process control, careful delivery of customer management system. Wisium focuses on the establishment of strong and exclusive cooperative relationship among feed factories, intensive enterprises and farms, and is committed to improving the product quality, production efficiency and profitability of users. No matter what kind of animal you raise, Wisium experts can customize nutrition solutions for your farm, providing high-quality products and high value-added services

Wisium is the international brand of the premix business of ADM/Neovia, a major global player in animal nutrition for over 60 years. Wisium gives you the power to be one step ahead.