Recently, there has been heavy snow in the north and cold winter in the south. On December 3-4, Guangzheng herdsman held the “Third Summit Forum on the prevention and control of the latest epidemic diseases in Guangxi” in Nanning. Dr. Li, the technical director of animal nutrition of the company,was invited to participate in the forum to discuss and exchange the health management of pigs in winter.

In winter, we quickly add clothes and keep warm. The sensitivity of pigs to temperature is also very high. When the environmental temperature changes suddenly, it can produce temperature difference stress reaction, resulting in physiological disorders such as nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system and immune system, and the decline of resistance, which is prone to diseases.

In the face of such abrupt weather, how should our pig farm deal with it?


Do heat preservation in the farms

The farm should do a good job of heat preservation before the sudden change of weather, carefully check whether there is air in the place, check whether the water pipe is leaking. Winter is rainy and snowy, so keep the farm dry and avoid dampness.

It is suggested that spraying Purlite in the shed can quickly reduce the concentration and humidity of harmful gases in the shed, keep the shed dry, effectively inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms in the shed, and enhance the immunity and disease resistance of pigs.


Prevention of piglets diarrhea in delivery room

The piglets in delivery room are most sensitive to the change of temperature, especially the piglets born within one week. If they are not kept warm in time, the piglets are prone to diarrhea.

Therefore, we should do a good job of piglet heat preservation and sow feeding management in time to reduce the occurrence of piglet diarrhea

1. The incubator is equipped with padding, hung with infrared lamp, and sprayed with Purlite every day to effectively absorb moisture and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria;

2. Strengthening the feeding and management of lactating sows and smearing Purlite on sows’ breasts can reduce the occurrence of mastitis, improve the milk quality of sows and increase the weaning weight of piglets.


To improve the feed nutrition

The sudden drop of temperature is a kind of strong stress for pigs. Some pigs will have a decline in feed intake. Insufficient feed intake will directly affect the reproduction and growth performance of pigs, and seriously affect the economic benefits. It is suggested that the feed formula should be adjusted in time to ensure adequate nutrition intake for pigs.