On June 28, customers from Fuyang, Anhui Province visit QingDao factory. For consumers, do you know how to investigate the “truth” of product safety and efficiency in such a large production factory ?

“Laymen watch the excitement while experts watch the doorway”. Some details are related to the quality and stability of products. Let’s follow the steps of Anhui customers, go straight to the first site of product production and witness every detail from different angles.

Production line

Ouweisu products have a highly mechanized and automated production line, production workers only need to be responsible for key links, and production management is at the leading level in China. The three production lines produce independently and strictly control cross pollution through physical isolation to ensure the high quality of products. Bar code management

Bar code management

Safety production is the basic requirement of high-quality products. In addition, we have adopted many first-class advanced technologies. The company adopts the bar code management system throughout the process. The advantages of this system mainly include two aspects: 1) to double check the materials during code scanning; 2) forward and reverse traceability from raw materials to finished products, and then from finished products to raw materials.

First of all, all raw materials will verify the supplier information, weight, batch, quantity and other information in the receiving room, and then print the corresponding bar code. By checking the batch number, you can find all the raw materials for the production of this batch of products and trace the source. At the same time of high-efficiency production, through the real-time monitoring and management of all links, the products can ensure consistent high quality.

Scan code

Operation specifications

Workers shall strictly follow the operation specifications for production feeding, and scan the bar code for confirmation of all prepared raw materials. After each barrel is allocated, the barcode will be printed to facilitate the verification of the next process. In addition, monitoring is provided at key control points to record the actions of operators. The feed products produced in such a high standard and strict environment can be safely eaten by animals.

It is precisely because of these meticulous production details that the high quality, high safety and high stability of ouweisu products are created. Ouweisu product plant adheres to creating quality with technology!