The 22nd Asian pet Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Asian pet Exhibition”) was successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 25.

There are 14 exhibition halls this year, which leads the pet industry to complete a new leap once again with a large scale. With an exhibition area of 185000 square meters, the exhibition hall has attracted more than 1591 exhibitors from home and abroad, gathered more than 20000 brands, and received more than 200000 pet people and pet consumers to visit on 24th and 25th.

Asian pet exhibition shows the strength and market potential of China’s pet industry to the world, leading the pet industry to forge ahead and move towards a bright future. This year, Wisium China made its debut in Asian pet exhibition again, and showed up in N1 main hall with a more beautiful image, attracting numerous attention.

The continuous development of China’s pet industry has brought many changes and opportunities to the pet food market. The diversified needs of consumers have prompted manufacturers to constantly pursue product innovation, quality and differentiation, which has led to the rapid development and growth of enterprises. Facing the rapid growth of the market demand, the research and development of pet food will face greater challenges.

Being the pet industry leader of the world

With more than 60 years of experience in pet nutrition, Wisium is the world leader in pet food industry. Wisium not only provides high-quality premix products, but also our international pet experts provide customized services to help customers become the world’s top pet food manufacturer.

Wisium China is the strong and loyal backing of many pet food production enterprises. Our localization team can integrate domestic and foreign resources and technologies, boost your business development from various perspectives, focus on improving your product quality, production efficiency and corporate profits, and bring rapid and effective development assistance.

Pay attention to high quality and safety

  • Strict raw material control, all production processes follow the HACCP principle.
  • Have a deep understanding of the stability and uniformity of vitamin mineral premix.
  • Accurate weighing and gravity drop process to reduce residual and cross contamination.
  • Independent production line and metal detector to avoid pollution.
  • Highly automated and traceable throughout to avoid human error.

Pet food and services

  • Wisium global experts help you set up quality control plan and provide production process consulting services
  • Wisium provides formula services, including: product nutrient value setting, minimum nutrient value formula, suggestions on the best addition of raw materials and the selection of additives.
  • Provide the latest global creative ideas and trends (non GMO, no valley, natural, etc.)
  • Provide other innovative opinions on formula, palatability and production optimization

Pet premix product

Our standardized products provide dogs and cats with the necessary vitamins and minerals in different physiological stages to ensure the nutritional balance of the diet. Wisium accepts customized premixes, and can also help pet food factories design exclusive premixes and provide product optimization services.

Functional product concept

We will work closely with your team to develop special formula to help you provide high value-added functional pet food to customers.

These products cover the following functions: digestive tract sensitivity, hairdressing formula, bone and joint protection, anti hairball formula, urinary system protection and oral health.