Your aquatic expert Wisium China officially launched! In fact, Wisium has been an active participant in the aquatic market in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas. In Vietnam and South America, Neovia Group’s aquatic feed has been selling well for many years and has a good reputation among its customers. In addition to the full price of aquatic products, our business also covers live fish and shrimp seedlings, hatching materials, aquaculture equipment, technical training, experimental testing and other fields. In Vietnam, the large-scale research and development center in Naha Bei has become a solid scientific research backing for Wisium’s aquaculture business.

In March 2019, Wisium China Aquatic Premix was officially launched. On March 30, Asia-Pacific Aquatic Animal Nutrition Specialist Marc Campet came to China to help wisium Aquatic Industry Group visit and explore the domestic aquatic market. During this period, I participated in the aquatic frontier exhibition held in Nanjing, and had in-depth talks with a number of professional fish and shrimp breeders. They recognized many concepts of Wisium premix, such as using advanced mixing method to cope with the special eating habits of shrimp and preferential amino acid balance in the formula of meat-eating fish. They also discussed the opportunities and possibilities of cooperation in the later period.

On April 3, Marc Campet and his colleagues came to Qingdao Branch of Denmark Special Aquatic Full Price Company. During their talks with Mr. GS, the production director, Marc explained the practical experience of wisium in avoiding cholesterol addition in shrimp feed by balancing amino acids. Mr. GS agreed with this and shared many experiences with wisium. Potential cooperation intention has been achieved.

Marc, an Asia-Pacific aquatic nutrition expert at Wisium, said, “In the past five days of visits, we have noticed that in the feed production process, Chinese customers are most concerned about the quality of feed and the experience in the field of production technology, which is exactly where wisium is best at. wisium Asia Pacific has a large aquatic animal nutrition research and development center in Nha Bei, Vietnam. Aquatic experts from Asia Pacific and even global headquarters can also make an appointment to visit China to provide professional guidance to customers. We believe that wisium’s experience can help Chinese aquatic feed enterprises in need to do better!

Marc, Asia-Pacific Fisheries Specialist, wisium, and Chief Aquaculture Officer and Customer in China