The 2021 Yihe forum was successfully opened in the mountain city of Chongqing on April 16, and Wisium attended as a support unit. This forum integrates various resources and invites well-known experts at home and abroad, as well as experts in feed and breeding technology to exchange with each other, aiming to build an academic and technological exchange platform in the field of animal nutrition and green breeding.

Under the development background of the new era, Wisium will continue to take the advantages of its global R & D technology to provide new solutions for animal husbandry, keep pace with the times, innovate and upgrade from the feed end, and help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency while providing accurate nutrition for animals. The forum theme “AGP Free, Healthy, Innovation, Development” coincides with the product concept of Wisium.

“AGP Free” — Acidulik®

In July last year, the era of AGP free in domestic feed industry began. Based on many years of experience in Europe, Wisium’s preferred scheme is the combination of compound organic acids and plant extracts – economic, effective and safe. Acidulik, the substitute of antibiotics, can not only promote the digestion of animal feed, but also play an important role in killing bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which is the best choice.

“Healthy” — Purlite®

It is mainly made of natural mineral and plant essential oil. It has aromatic smell, can kill mosquitoes and flies, and has very strong drying ability. Purlite is to use the most fundamental principle of bacterial survival to kill bacteria in the cradle in the environment. At the same time, it can keep the temperature of piglets at birth and reduce the mortality of piglets. Ammonia from the farm can also be absorbed by bierle.

“Innovation”Wean up®series

Innovation is the first driving force leading development. In the face of the new situation of industry change, AGP-free feed, food safety and so on, Wisium experts have launched Weanup® after a lot of research, which is an innovative solution for the piglet stage, including specific products suitable for different stages of piglets. Based on Wisium’s expertise in piglet production, we offer a global range of piglet products and services to meet the growth challenges of piglets and ensure a return on investment in their lifetime performance.