In September, the 18th (2020) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2020 China International Animal Husbandry Expo were solemnly held in Changsha. The scale of this exhibition is unprecedented, with nearly 6500 booths, more than 1200 exhibitors, and exhibition groups from the United States, France, the Netherlands and other countries. Tens of thousands of animal husbandry people gathered in Changsha.Wisium attended in the international exhibition area of W3 Pavilion, sharing the international cutting-edge breeding concept with the livestock industry.

Wisium demonstrated to the audience the Acidlik Series products,Weanup and other AGP-free solutions, as well as other innovative product solutions, such as Purlite,the new environmental improver; T5X, the mycotoxin solution; Wisium egg quality concept,etc. Based on the many years’ experience of Non-antibiotics breeding in European headquarter, Wisium will help farmers to take a step ahead of others in breeding performance.

Acidulik® series(Click to know more)

Wisium acidulik series products cover the following functions: protecting intestinal health, optimizing gastric pH, water line cleaning, drinking water health care, mildew prevention in raw material warehouse, and eliminating Salmonella.

Wean up®(Click to know more)

This is an innovative solution for piglet stage, including specific products for different stages of piglet. The series is specially designed to ensure the safety of digestion, reduce the risk of diarrhea and mortality, have excellent palatability to improve feed intake, and promote the healthy development of piglets’ intestines to promote the healthy growth of piglets.

As a premix and service brand with more than 60 years of professional experience in the world, Wisium, with its global technology research and development background and a variety of innovative products, has attracted the attention of a large number of customers and an endless stream of visitors to the booth for consultation and negotiation.

In this exhibition, we have prepared exquisite gifts for fans who love Wisium and the new Wechat followers. You can get the customized version of Wisium blue water cup by participating in the on-site group photo activity~