On August 19, the 23rd Asia Pet Expo opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Following the concept of “creating business opportunities, leading the trend, and serving the industry”, the Asian pet expo, which has been deeply engaged in the industry for 23 years, has made continuous innovations and breakthroughs. It has become the preferred platform for International Pet comprehensive trade integrating brand display, industrial chain integration, and cross regional trade. In August every year, global high-end pet brands, innovative products and technologies, and pet industry leaders gather in Shanghai to participate in the international feast.

Asia pet expo is an annual gathering of pet industry that can’t be missed. Wisium pet booth in M06 of hall N1 brings the latest creative ideas and pet fashion trends in the world to the audience.In the hot summer, the cool blue booth design makes the Wisium booth particularly bright, attracting many professional visitors to stop to negotiate.

At the same time of the exhibition, the Asia pet CEO Summit brought together industry celebrities to talk about the future of the pet industry and share the new trend of brand development.The “2020 Blue Book of China’s pet industry” released at the meeting summarized six major trends and 12 major findings of the whole industry. Six trends: market sinking, diversification, Omni channel integration, cat economy rising, digitization and specialization.

Pet market has transformed from incremental market and quantity driven to consumption upgrading and high customer order driven. Pet food manufacturers must cater to the diversified needs of consumers, and constantly pursue the innovation, quality and high-end of products in order to have a long-term foothold in the pet market.

Wisium has more than 60 years of experience in pet nutrition. We not only provide high-quality premix products, but also our international pet experts provide customized services to help customers become the world’s top pet food manufacturers.

Innovative products

  1. Wisium global pet experts help you establish quality control plan and provide production process consulting services.
  2. Wisium provides formula service, including: product nutrition value setting, the lowest cost formula, the best dosage of raw materials and the selection of additives.
  3. Provide the latest creative ideas and popular trends in the world (non transgenic, non Valley, natural, etc.).
  4. Provide other innovative ideas on formulation, palatability and production optimization.

High-quality and safe products

  1. Strict control of raw materials, all production processes comply with HACCP principles.
  2. Have a deep understanding of the stability and uniformity of vitamin mineral premix.
  3. Accurate weighing and gravity drop process can reduce the residue. Independent production line and metal detector to avoid pollution.
  4. Highly automated and traceable to avoid manual errors.

Functional prodcuts

Functional pet food is the trend of development in the future, and it is also one of the labels of high-end pet food.

  1. Wisium will work closely with your team to develop special formula to help you provide customers with high value-added functional pet food.
  2. These products cover the following functions: digestive tract sensitive food, hair formula, bone and joint protection, anti hair ball formula, etc.

In recent years, the sales volume of pet food in Asia has increased significantly, especially in China, which will provide huge opportunities for the global pet consumer market in terms of market size and growth rate.

Wisium pet will be your strong and loyal backing, our localization team can boost your business development from various perspectives, and focus on improving the quality of your products, production efficiency and corporate profits.