Stong autumn Wind, just like wisium Premix frequently and fiercely offensive. In recent two years, the intensive publisment of new regulations in animal husbandry is breaking the silence of the premix market for a long time. Under the new situation, wisium has risen with the strength of scientific research all over the world, which has become an existence that can not be ignored in China’s premix market.

Planting a seed on Leman Conference

On this conference, China has dispatched dozens of pig nutrition experts including headquarters’. Our featured premix for laying hens and functional environment improvement powder perlite was shinning. Preventing diarrhea for piglets, reducing mortality rate, increasing the next fertilization rate of sows (improving estrus-competition situation of sows, improving sperm vitality of boars-competition ability, improving sows’reproductive tract health-competition Jie, solving sows’ constipation-competition fiber), these features can also solve common problems in pig farms and functional products attract everyone’s attention.

Distributors and agents from all over the country came to our booth, consulting for saling. Although many regions have our business layout, but this does not affect their passion for interaction.

The Leman Conference, a wave of strength operation of the wisium team, let the wisium brand bury a seed deeply in the hearts of the peers and customers participating in the conference. Next autumn, it should be a good time to harvest.

Five French giants hold pig Cafe parties

Catching the hot of Leman’s conference, the French Pig Technology Seminar and Pig Industry Forum was organized by the French Pig Technology Alliance in Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou. Nearly 100 pig-breeding figures seated in the Central Plains. Wisium China, French premix and enterprise service providers, was on the stage with other major pig company in France (AXIOM), IMV Casu (expert in the field of biological breeding), Esher (intelligent ranch service provider) and Ceste (expert in heating system of livestock*poultry*breeding).

The theme of the forum focused on the piggery technology under the new situation: advanced piggery management schemes such as precision nutrition, excellent breeding and environmental control of livestock houses. Fabien, a global pig nutrition expert, has made a special report entitled “improving pig production through nutrition”. It describes how the feeding program of vs. Ze Mu improves pig production performance and profitability.

Liu Fangdi, sales manager of Wisium China Additives, introduced the Mycotoxin Solution T5X, especially to reduce the reproductive and digestive system damage caused by zearalenone and vomiting toxin to sows, with low dosage and low cost. There is also Piggery Environmental Improvement Powder – Bierle, with vegetable essential oil as the core, not only has the role of heat preservation and improving the dryness of dormitories, but also can play an anti-inflammatory and sterilization role for perinatal sows and piglets.

Ruminant Experts and the Hometown of Chinese Dairy Goats

Fuping Town, Shaanxi Province, is the largest dairy goat base county in China and the core production area of Guanzhong dairy goats. It is named “the hometown of Chinese dairy goats” by the State Council. Driven by the market, more and more people are joining the dairy goat farming army. The trend of large-scale farming is more and more obvious. Farmers’awareness and concern about the nutritional needs and feeding management of dairy goats are also increasing.

Taking Saanen dairy goats as an example, the average annual milk production of Fuping dairy goats is about 500 kg, the number of days of lactation is about 280 days, while that of French dairy goats is about 950 kg, and the number of days of lactation is about 303 days.

From October 13 to 15, NICOLAS CIRIER, a Ruminant Technologist from Wisium, France, went deep into Fuping Dairy Goat Breeding Base and provided technical training for local dairy farmers on nutritional needs and feeding management during lamb stage. As an animal nutrition expert with more than 60 years of research experience, Vizemu, France, using INRA and WISIUM nutrition formula system, can guide customers to scientifically breed dairy goats from the aspects of nutritional requirements, raw material selection, formula design, feeding management and cost optimization.

Autumn is the harvest season of the year and the beginning of the next round of farming. This round, no longer follow the rules, together with Wisium, break the situation by strength.