From November 19 to 20, “2020 China Aqua frontier Exhibition” was successfully held in Nanjing. The scale of the exhibition and the corresponding conference reached 30000 square meters, with about 300 exhibitors of excellent seedlings, breeding, feed, animal protection and other high-quality enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain participating in the exhibition, attracting countless professional visitors to visit and exchange, looking for excellent cost reduction and efficiency improvement solutions.

China is a big aqua production country in the world. It has not only huge production capacity, but also huge market. The scale of the industry is nearly one trillion yuan per year, the total output of aquaculture is over 50 million tons, and the feed is more than 20 million tons. All these data show the great potential of China’s aquaculture industry.

Wisium aqua products has made great achievements in this year’s aquatic frontier exhibition. It not only brings the company’s professional products and innovative aqua solutions, but also shows the visitorsthe group’s technological research and development strength.

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