Vannes, France, July 1, 2021 – ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in animal nutrition, announced the launch of a customized antibiotic reduction program developed by Wisium premix and nutrition services. The new plan focuses on the de medication solution of Wisium for all species and provides an overall solution. For therapeutic reasons, antibiotics are often used in animal nutritional products and as animal growth promoters (AGPs) in some countries.

It is estimated that by 2030, the global use of antibiotics (AMU) in poultry, cattle and pigs (93.75% of all edible animals) will increase to 104079 tons, equivalent to an increase of 11.5% since 2017. With the global regulatory trend of overuse of antibiotics as growth promoters, ADM is committed to maintaining animal health and welfare through natural nutritional solutions and encouraging the reduction of antibiotic use in livestock farms.

Wisium business is providing a dedicated antibiotic reduction program for each livestock and poultry species to support producers’ efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics. The p4l (partner for life) concept of wizem wisium adopts an integrated approach, considering environmental, feeding and farm management factors. The program is fully customized to meet the specific challenges of each species, meet the needs and expectations of the market, and comply with the feed and food regulations of each country.

“As a global player in animal nutrition, we have a responsibility to develop alternative solutions to support more flexible animal production and a sustainable future. Our p4l (partner for life”) concept features innovative nutritional solutions and services that optimize animal performance and provide advantages to producers. “—— François Fernandez, vice president, Wisium premix and services

Wisium solutions

including three main aspects:

The core business of  Wisium is nutrition strategy. Its technical team has an in-depth understanding of the nutritional needs of each species and provides expertise in feed and diet formulations and dietary composition analysis. In addition, digital tools and software can improve the efficiency of formulation, dispensing and analysis.

Wisium provides advice for its farm management services, including farm audits, animal management recommendations and procedures, to improve farm management to obtain the best return on investment without or less use of antibiotics.

Wisium provides product solutions for the market, solves the challenges faced by each animal species, and is supported by relevant services. Nutritional specialty products based on innovative and natural ingredients such as plant extracts can help manufacturers get rid of antibiotics.

The concept of P4L

Addresses the unique needs of each species, specifically:

Broilers and layers: limit pathogen contamination to ensure food safety and optimal nutrition. Wisium also provides solutions to address the health problems in poultry production, which cause significant economic losses to the industry every year due to increased mortality or impaired growth.

Pigs: limit the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide as growth promoters, and adopt complete nutrition and more natural substitutes to optimize performance. From the weaning period, vizemu also has the ability to solve all stages of pig.

Ruminants: limiting the use of antibiotics to promote growth or prevent infection by prevention.

As part of ADM company, Wisium relies on its global network of R & D centers and laboratories, as well as a strong team of experts with a deep understanding of local challenges. Wisium provides a tailored approach to meet the nutritional needs of local animals. Its innovative nutritional solution portfolio includes natural ingredients and plant extracts to support the global trend of reducing antibiotic use.