Restricted by the COVID-19, the change of feed antibiotic policy, the negative impact of African swine fever, the high volatility of raw material prices, and the additional costs related to environmental protection policies, the current Chinese market has become severe and complex. All these unprecedented challenges require feed enterprises and farms to have more professional knowledge and skills to mitigate the impact of negative factors.

On April 28, Wisium, together with saier media, launched a live broadcast sharing of “mutual prohibition, resistance and efficiency enhancement”. Dr. li, technical director of ADM animal nutrition China; Nicholas, global ruminant market manager of wisium; Fabian, global pig market manager of wisium; Ozgur, global poultry technical manager of wisium, were specially invited to share the antibiotic substitution scheme for poultry, pigs and ruminant, as well as the impact of wisium on large-scale farms. The professional services of the feed factory in terms of formula, quality control and laboratory testing have presented us with a feast of professional skills.

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Through practical data theory and case analysis, domestic and foreign experts introduced P4L (customized scheme for antibiotic substitution) to help the majority of livestock colleagues solve and optimize the plight of animal nutrition and drug removal, bringing a full supply of dry goods.

In the future, Wisium will also continue to increase R & D investment, provide feed producers with higher-level products and solutions, and strive to predict and help customers cope with future challenges and bring new solutions; Wisium will, as always, make continuous efforts around the new concept of reducing the use of drugs and antibiotics in feed production and animal production!