In the 2019 China Animal Husbandry Expo, there are 1178 exhibitors with an area of 130000 square meters. The number of professional visitors will exceed 70000 and the total number of participants will be more than 150000. In combination with the development trend of the whole industry, the China Animal Husbandry Expo interprets a more systematic, diversified, inclusive and comprehensive animal husbandry ecological new world.

As a supporting member of the animal husbandry industry, Wisum China has shown a new look to the conference and the audience, and its new technologies and products have appeared in the international exhibition area. Editor Mu will show you the grand occasion of Wisium booth.

Point 1 Digital application

OWS premix brand App and mycotoxin testing APP for T5X brand and mobile phone App appeared on the scene. They have attracted the curiosity of visitors to explore how these digital tools are used in the practice of customer service by premix manufacturing enterprises.

Point 2 Innovative products

Wisium published a series of heat-stress resistant products such as product SHANGLI’AN of OWS brand, product DESAISHUANG of Wisium brand and etc., as well as a variety of innovative functional products such as Purlite, T5X mycotoxin program, anti foot disease product BAOLIKANG, etc., which attract many people to consult.

Point 3 Lots of Consultation

How can such attractive product and service technologies not attract the attention and consultation of many partners in the industry?

Point 4 Active interaction

Every time we participate in the exhibition, we will never forget to prepare a surprise for our fans. It is no exception this time . After participating in the interaction, visitors can get the customized cups with Wisium logo. People are very pleased to get a souvenir from the expo.

Point 5 Click the video link to know more

Please click the link to know more exciting monments of the China Animal Husbandry Expo from the video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/l0877bnvlxp.html